Mission & Vision

College is located in rural domain and most of the students are the first-generation learners, and this institution is the torchbearer to them who are interested to pursue education after completion of school education. Our mission is to motivate the rural students to wards undergrad

Extended Mission(s) of our Institution:

  • Along with imparting formal education priority has been given to co-curricular activities of the students also;
  • Emphasis is given to holistic approach of education for its overwhelming nature;
  • Providing healthy and disciplined academic atmosphere;
  • Facilitation center for providing information about future goals;
  • Clean and Green campus.
  • Plastic free environment friendly campus runs with solar energy.
  • Violence free academic atmosphere where students have no fear of ragging and free from violence against women.
  • Providing Placement facilities to all students of different disciplines and search for employment opportunities through carrier counselling;
  • Providing Motivationaltraining to get rid of psychological stressescoming out from day to day life.
  • Prepare our students as responsible citizen and develop a kind of religion of humanity.

Extended Vision(S) of the College:

  • Academic excellence through inclusiveandholistic approach of education;
  • Sustainable development planning for future generation;




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