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Chhatna Chandidas Mahavidyalaya started journey on 02/08/2007. Chhatna Chandidas Mahavidyalaya is located in Chhatna Block, Bankura District, West Bengal. It is located 15 KM towards west from District headquarters Bankura. A common belief that the Chhatna is the birthplace of Poet Chandidas (14th Century). College is well connected to the roadway and railway. Nearest railway station is the Chhatna Rail station (SE railway) and college lies in the side of the Bankura Purulia Road. College located in a remote area of Bankura district, catering to the academic needs of the socially backward communities, since the majority of the areas population belongs to them with limited access to educational facilities.


Environmental Audit Report: Environment Audit Report 2022-23 (1).pdf (ccmv.in)

Energy Audit Report: Energy Audit Report 2022-23 (1).pdf (ccmv.in)

Environmental Management Certificate: egacaqc.auditingportal.com/Employee/printcertificateforpdf_new.aspx?fid=6341&typ=1&yr=3&sid=27 (ccmv.in)

Quality Management Certificate: egacaqc.auditingportal.com/Employee/printcertificateforpdf_new.aspx?fid=6343&typ=1&yr=3&sid=26 (ccmv.in)


PRACTICE 1:Ecological Approach: Paperless effort to pursue college office work

Effort 1:Green Audit 2022-23.pdf (ccmv.in)

Effort 2:Environmental Project 2022-23-compressed.pdf (ccmv.in)

Effort 3:Plant Species Diversity: (on Campus)Plant Species Diversity 2018-23.pdf (ccmv.in)

Effort 4: Plantation Programme:Plantation 2018-23.pdf (ccmv.in)

Effort 5: Environment Quality Assurance Certificate LLC:Environment Audit Report 2022-23 (1).pdf (ccmv.in)

Effort 5: ISO Certificate (Environmental Management System)egacaqc.auditingportal.com/Employee/printcertificateforpdf_new.aspx?fid=6341&typ=1&yr=3&sid=27 (ccmv.in)

Effort 6: Energy Audut Report (LLC)Energy Audit Report 2022-23 (1).pdf (ccmv.in)

PRACTISE 2:Inculcate the locality and local Resources

Effort 1:5. Bengali Excursion 2024..pdf (ccmv.in)

Effort 2:Project Work Sociology and Education Deptt.pdf (ccmv.in)


GENDER EQUQLITY: Gender Annual Audit (2018-2023).pdf (ccmv.in)

TERTIARY GENDER AWARENESS:Transgender Related Lecture.pdf (ccmv.in)





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